Generosity expands horizons at Warner College of Natural Resources

For the Warner College of Natural Resources, donor generosity during the State Your Purpose campaign impacted the college in every aspect and strengthened the college’s ability to educate new generations of natural resources practitioners, stewards, and leaders.

“Gifts from generous donors helped us in so many ways,” says John Hayes, dean for the Warner College of Natural Resources. “We’ve established new scholarships, endowed new programs, attracted the best faculty and graduate students, and raised the visibility of our programs, nationally and internationally.”

“Gifts from generous donors helped us in so many ways.”

— John Hayes, dean of the Warner College of Natural Resources

That generosity might be most evident with the addition of the Michael Smith Natural Resources Building. Michael Smith’s $13 million gift to Colorado State University helped establish the new building, the most significant capital project for the college in more than 40 years, and it provided 10 full-ride scholarships to the college’s Department of Geosciences.

The Michael Smith Natural Resources Building

“The building serves as a beacon for natural resource education nationally, and it is a cornerstone for architectural innovation on campus,” continued Hayes. “It brings together our community of students, faculty, and staff in a tremendous environment, and it is a point of pride and accomplishment for the college.”

Outreach grows, thanks to giving

The campaign also bolstered many of the college’s outreach efforts aimed at advancing CSU’s impact as a trusted source for comprehensive, natural resource information.

Engagement efforts within the college by the Center for Collaborative Conservation, the Colorado State Forest Service, the Colorado Natural Heritage Program, and other centers have grown, and valuable partnerships with CSU Extension,  nongovernmental organizations, corporations, and many state and federal organizations, have expanded. These collaborations help inform and influence natural resource understanding and decision-making in Colorado and beyond.

In addition, the Warner College of Natural Resources’ long-standing commitment to assist with the diversification of natural resources fields is stronger than ever through the establishment of a new diversity and inclusion program in the Dean’s Office.

“With our sincerest appreciation, we would like to acknowledge and express our deep gratitude to everyone who has made this campaign a success and helped to lift the quality, breadth, and reputation of Warner College of Natural Resources to new heights,” says Hayes. “Your loyalty and dedication are what makes our college so special, and for that, we are forever grateful.”