Five university programs receive funding for greater impact

The Office of the Vice President for Research  (OVPR) has announced funding for five of the 21 Programs of Research and Scholarly Excellence (PRSE) for 2016, with the goal of enhancing research, teaching and service impacts.

This year, the research office created an opportunity for PRSEs to compete for a pool of almost $500,000 to enhance the impact of their programs. All participated in a “pitch fest” competition.

“These five PRSEs were selected for funding because they have the potential to set a new standard for excellence in research, teaching and service both internally and externally,” said Alan Rudolph, vice president for research. “This funding will provide increased visibility, support staff and enhance the research and training missions of CSU.”

The winners of 2016 PRSE funding are:

Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory (HPCRL) – addressing the etiology, prevention, intervention and treatment of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and degenerative conditions associated with aging.

Institute for the Built Environment (IBE) – focusing on green building and healthy, sustainable communities and providing expertise to Colorado communities that encourage collaborative learning, citizen engagement, and innovation.

Infectious Diseases Research and Response Network (IDR2N) – enhancing the impact of infectious disease (ID) research and response systems.

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL) – working to improve understanding of the complex interactions between ecosystems, humans, and management activities.

Public Lands History Center (PLHC) – using history to shed light on contemporary problems related to the management and protection of protected areas, historic places, and habitat.

Visit the Office of the Vice President for Research website for a list of all PRSE designated programs.