Difference magazine celebrates College of Business’s 50th anniversary

In appreciation to all those who have contributed to the College of Business’ success, we have created this 50th anniversary edition of The Difference magazine to celebrate our past, capture our present, and imagine what our future will look like in 50 years. We’re proud to share our success stories with our alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and students, as well as the Fort Collins community and beyond.

Flip through the magazine. Among the stories, you’ll find out what business education used to look like. You’ll see how our faculty’s research is making a real impact on people’s lives. You’ll smile at the stories of alumni who found love in the College of Business. And lastly, you’ll recognize the names of people you studied with, learned from, and do business with. Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

See the magazine (PDF).

If you would like a free, printed copy of The Difference, please contact Karen Klein at karen.klein@colostate.edu or stop by the Marketing and Communications office at 102 Rockwell North, 638 S. Sherwood St.

Difference Magazine cover