Celebrate! CSU Milestones: Tae Nosaka, 20 years

Tae Nosaka began working at CSU in 1995 when she was an undergraduate student. A first-generation college student herself, she would grow to become a vital resource to undergraduates, team members and the Center for Advising and Student Achievement. Nosaka is director of Key Communities and University Learning Communities coordinator; she is celebrating her 20-year milestone with CSU.

Nosaka found herself struggling to make connections and feel as though she were a part of the CSU community in her first semester as an undergrad. It was during this time that she found incredible mentors on campus. She discovered how much she loved the help of these advisors, and appreciated how they provided her and others the recognition that their voices really mattered within the community.

Colorado State University employees achieving major milestones — a decade of service or more — this year will be honored at the annual Celebrate! CSU Milestones event. Celebrate! CSU Milestones will take place on Thursday, April 28, 2016, at 4 p.m. in the LSC Grand Ballroom.

Impact on students

Tae Nosaka“I became interested in this type of work because of the first-hand experience and impact it had on me as a student,” Nosaka said.

In her current role, Nosaka works to develop communities and connections for CSU students to empower themselves and become passionate about their own success, while also aiding them in finding a sense of belonging.

“Tae is a constant advocate of all students, and through her insight, thoughtfulness and values, she leads our team with loyalty and accountability that carries a legacy of excellence and high expectations into each new situation,” Brian Hayes, coordinator of the Key Explore Community, said about his boss.

Creating a sense of community for students and working to serve the University while doing so is one of the many reasons Nosaka continues to be passionate about her job. She coordinates the University Learning Communities through CASA, and inspires Key Communities with a sense of vigor and energy. That’s because she knows the value of her work and recognizes that she can provide a pathway and roadmap for students to help them achieve their dreams.

“Opening the door for students and giving them a link to success and resources often provides them with a much-needed connection that can help them to find a greater sense of purpose and recognize their value within our community,” Nosaka said. “I love that this campus is my office, and I have such gratitude for the fact that I get to spend my days surrounded by students and staff who are helping each other to achieve their dreams.”

Nosaka works incredibly hard to continue the excellence currently demonstrated through the many student achievement-based programs her department creates and manages. These networks, and actively advocating for students while fulfilling CSU’s land-grant mission, help her to further develop a sense of student connection on campus, and provide her with incredibly rewarding day-to-day interactions.

Outside of CSU, Nosaka enjoys spending time with her two children, Taylor and Ren, and her husband Rich, as well as camping and creating new recipes when she takes special time to cook on Sunday afternoons. She truly values her work/home balance, and enjoys the fact that CASA is so supportive of family time and connections.