Black History Month Soul Food Special

fried green tomatoes
Although fried-green tomatoes are considered a Southern delicacy, food historian and writer Robert F. Moss found recipes for them in late-19th and early-20th century Jewish cookbooks.

Traditional Southern cuisine

The versatility of the chefs at the Aspen Grille (located in the Lory Student Center) is widely known! Their special menus include authentic, ethnic foods using quality ingredients, expertly prepared.

The next food special takes place:

Thursday, Feb. 26 and Friday, Feb. 27
11 a.m.-1:15 p.m.

The Soul Food Special is in conjunction with the Black/African American Cultural Center and will feature a special menu of traditional Southern cuisine in recognition of Black History Month. The meal is $9.50.

On the menu

  • Southern fried catfish
  • pork belly mac & cheese
  • sweet buttered cornbread
  • side of cabbage slaw
  • side of crispy green fried tomatoes

Reservations encouraged!

Reservations encouraged. Call (970) 491-7006 or register online (our apologies; online reservations are not available for same-day reservations).