Work to replace field at Canvas Stadium will bring construction traffic to Pitkin, Meridian and Prospect

Sonny Lubick Field at Canvas Stadium

Work will begin April 1 to adjust water drainage from the playing field at Canvas Stadium.

As a result, W. Pitkin Street, Meridian Avenue and W. Prospect Road will see increased traffic during normal business hours for approximately two to three weeks due to dump truck routing for removal and replacement of substrate materials. The sidewalk at the northeast corner of the stadium also will be closed intermittently during the month of April. Flaggers will be posted to facilitate safe vehicular and pedestrian access.

The field, which was installed in the spring of 2017 during construction of the stadium, will be replaced to meet the required percolation performance specifications. The project requires replacement of the playing surface and the substrate beneath it, and is scheduled to be completed by mid-July. With spring practices completed, and preseason camp not scheduled to begin until August, the project will not disrupt the football program’s preparation for the 2019 season.

The project will have no financial impact on the Department of Athletics, or the University as a whole, as the work is covered as part of the original construction specification requirements.

Canvas Stadium has served as the home stadium for Colorado State football for the past two seasons.