Women’s Leadership Series offers shared lessons to support others

What can you learn from the leaders around you? The Women’s Leadership Series brings some of the University’s most remarkable women in leadership positions together to share lessons that have helped them succeed.

The series, sponsored by the Women and Gender Collaborative with the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and the Office for Equal Opportunity, is a three-part series with sessions in February, March and April. Sessions include discussion from HERS Institute attendees, as well as understanding University budgets and funding, and navigating University systems.

Registration is required for each session and lunch will be provided. Register through the Training and Organizational Development website, then go to classes and registration instructions to sign up for one or all three sessions.

“It’s exciting to see the support and participation from so many powerful women leaders on our campus – many of whom are women of color – as part of this series,” said Cori Wong, special assistant to the president and director of the Women and Gender Collaborative.

“The panelists all have intense schedules and demanding responsibilities, yet they are demonstrating their commitment to our campus community by participating in a program that explicitly aims to support leadership development in others,” Wong added. “This showcases one of the strengths of CSU; that leaders are accessible and willing to connect, and willing to share their insights and experiences, rather than closely guarding the secrets to their own success.”

The series is open to any university employee who wants to learn from women leaders on campus. The series schedule is:

Sharing Leadership Insights from HERS Institute

11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Friday, Feb. 2, Lory Student Center Cherokee Park Ballroom

Each year, CSU sponsors one or two women employees to attend a HERS Institute to enhance their leadership skills and support their careers in higher education. Participants consistently note the rich insights and transformative experiences gained while attending the programs. This session provides an opportunity for HERS alumnae to share their experiences with attendees by describing significant lessons learned and how important insights have been applied to their work and leadership at CSU. A panel of HERS alumnae will share their experiences, including Kelly Long, vice provost for Undergraduate Affairs; Shannon Archibeque-Engle, director of Diversity and Retention in the College of Agricultural Sciences; Mary Vogl, chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures; and Gaye DiGregorio, executive director of the Collaborative for Student Achievement.

Understanding University Budgets and Funding

11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Friday, March 2, Lory Student Center Cherokee Park Ballroom

It can be hard to make things happen if you don’t have a budget. This session offers foundational information for understanding budgets and funding from the perspectives of three women leaders within the University. The program will highlight basics about CSU budget processes, decision-making strategies for allocating funds within a college, and appropriate practices for pursuing gifts from potential donors. Panelists are Lynn Johnson, vice president for University Operations; Kim Tobin, vice president for University Advancement; and Jan Nerger, dean of the College of Natural Sciences.

Navigating Systems as an Outsider Within

11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Friday, April 6, Lory Student Center Longs Peak Room

Institutions are built around systems, but for many people, those systems were not initially designed with their involvement or success in mind. This session will start with a brief introduction to systems within institutions of higher education. The program will feature women of color in executive leadership positions at CSU who will share personal stories of navigating these systems throughout their careers as outsiders within. Speakers and panelists include Kathy Sisneros, assistant vice president for Student Affairs; Mary Ontiveros, vice president for Diversity; Blanche Hughes, vice president for Student Affairs; Diana Preto, executive director of Human Resources, and Sandra Quackenbush, associate dean for Academic and Student Affairs in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.