Women Reading @ CSU returns

,Story by Lindsay Mason

Women Reading @ CSU, a book club for CSU employees who identify as women, is starting its second semester!

Building upon the success of last year’s book club, this project is continuing on with a renewed focus on appreciating women’s differences, intersectional identities, and diverse experiences. The book club will focus on reading books that are written from diverse authors and that cover a wide range of identities, experiences, and perspectives. The book club will allow women to explore their own identities, better understand the identities of others, and connect with other women working at CSU during the book club meetings.

One of the unique aspects of this club is that women are not required to commit to the club itself, but rather can choose which books and meetings to join based on their interest. Three book club meetings will be held in the each fall and spring semesters, with roughly 6 weeks in between each meeting. This book club is funded by the Women and Gender Collaborative Grant Program.  

Who can participate?

Anyone, staff or faculty member at CSU, who identifies as woman can participate in the Women Reading @ CSU book club. 

Spring semester schedule

All meetings take place from noon to 1 p.m.

1.       Feb. 21, LSC Grey Rock Room (290): The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead

2.       March 30, LSC 382: Presence: Bring Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, by Amy Cuddy

3.       May 10, LSC 382: The Namesake: A Novel, by Jhumpa Lahiri

Each book club meeting will include light refreshments. Please also feel free to bring your lunch.

Where do I buy the book?

All books are available now in CSU Bookstore in the Lory Student Center. Each book will have 30-45 copies sold at a subsidized price ranging from $10-$15. In order to help make this book club accessible to more women on campus, we ask that you use the subsidized price only if you need it. For those who do not take the subsidy, there is a 20% discount applied. Please note that the subsidized pricing is reserved for those who intend to attend the book club meeting.

What happens at the book club meetings?

While each meeting may have a large group of participants, participants will discuss the book with a small group of women (6-8 people). The participants choose their own groups, and each group will lead its own discussion. Suggested processing questions will be placed with each group.


Each book club meeting will include the raffling of one give away item. The item will be donated by a local woman entrepreneur. If you know of a local woman who would like to donate a giveaway item to a future book club meeting, please contact Lindsay Mason at Lindsay.mason@colostate.edu.

How to RSVP

Please use this link to visit the Google doc where you can RSVP for each meeting. Each meeting has its own worksheet. We ask that all participants register by the Monday before the meeting, but please feel free to still attend if you forgot to RSVP, or to bring a colleague with you to the meeting.

For more information about the Women and Gender Collaborative, and Women Reading @ CSU book club. Contact Lindsay Mason with any questions or suggestions regarding the book club.