Women & Gender Collaborative seeks to fund projects for long-term change

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The Women & Gender Collaborative is accepting grant proposals for innovative projects that promise to create long-term, positive impacts around women and gender at Colorado State University. Interested individuals, departments and campus units are invited to apply.

Thanks to the generous gift of an anonymous donor, the Women & Gender Collaborative will seed selected projects with up to $12,000 a year for two years, and provide assistance in the projects’ development. Cori Wong, director of the Collaborative, said the two-year time frame will enable projects to achieve proof of concept and acquire sufficient evidence of impact.

“With sufficient funding to jump-start a project and keep it going until it can produce compelling outcomes, such projects would then have a greater likelihood of success in procuring additional funding from other sources,” said Wong. “This would allow those projects to continue to have impact after the first two years of support from the Women & Gender Collaborative.”

Project proposals must include a plan for how the impact, quality and value of a proposed project will be consistently evaluated and assessed in ways that will inform a project’s evolution and development over the course of two years. Applicants will need to explain how they plan to implement their project over a two-year time period (for example, a series of workshops, an ongoing resource or program, planning of an annual event, etc.). This will provide ample opportunities for project leads to continually hone, develop and adjust the project as necessary to ensure the highest quality and impact of the project from the first year into the second year.

Project objectives

Preference for funding will be given to project proposals that demonstrate the ability to realize one or more of the following objectives:

  • Intentionally develop, support or produce long-term positive effects for women at CSU and/or broadly improve the campus culture and climate around gender
  • Provide substantial leadership development and/or professional development opportunities for women (as project leads, collaborators and participants)
  • Encourage men to become actively educated, informed and engaged with supporting a campus culture and climate of gender equity
  • Incorporate an inclusive emphasis that responds to the particular needs of those whose gender identity intersects with other identity categories such as race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, ability, culture, etc. (For example, project proposals might focus on needs of women of color, low-income women, non-tenure-track women faculty, single mothers, etc.)

Submission information

All proposals will be reviewed by members of the Women & Gender Collaborative Advisory Board. Project proposals should be submitted via email to Katie Esquivel at Katie.Esquivel@colostate.edu by 5 pm Friday, July 15. The application packet, additional information and criteria can be found on the Women and Gender Collaborative’s website: http://thecollaborative.colostate.edu.