Rams take care of Rams at Colorado State University. And this includes practicing public health behaviors amidst COVID-19.

A recent survey found 91% of students are motivated to practice health behaviors, which includes wearing face coverings in public. Meet just a few of our stalwart Rams, and learn why they wear a mask.

“I wear my mask everywhere I go outside of my home — on campus, to the grocery store, at a local business, and around Fort Collins. I wear a mask because it helps protect other people.”

— Temple Grandin, CSU Animal Sciences professor

“I wear my mask because I want to keep my students safe.”

— Brian Jones, CSU Physics instructor and director of the Little Shop of Physics

“I wear a mask to because the science is clear. Masks help to slow the spread.”

— Albert Bimper, Jr., CSU associate professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies and senior associate athletic director for diversity and inclusion

“I wear a mask to help protect my family so when I go see them I want to make sure that they are safe and healthy.”

— Naylet Muñoz, CSU Sociology student, president of the Multicultural Greek Council, vice president of Kappa Delta Chi, and inclusive community assistant with University Housing

“I wear a mask because YOU matter.”

— Denise Apodaca, CSU music appreciation instructor in School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and Honors Program faculty member

“I wear a mask because I want to protect you, me, and all the people we know and love. Wearing a mask is simple, easy, and effective and it shows that we care about the CSU and larger community. By helping contain the spread of COVID and any other health risks by wearing a mask, we uphold Rams Take Care, Rams Take Action.”

— Morgan Gardner, CSU Journalism & Media Communications Student, president of National Residence Hall Honorary

“I wear a mask to protect people who are vulnerable, even if I don’t know who they are

— Karla Gingerich, CSU assistant professor of Psychology

“There is no better way to put Rams Take Care of Rams into action than by wearing a mask. I wear a mask because I know that I can take care of my CSU community by participating in a simple, easy, and effective strategy to preemptively contain the spread of any potential health risk.”

— Herman Chavez, CSU Music student, campus involvement includes Cicada Creative Magazine, Musicology Club, American String Teachers Association, SLiCE, Alt Break and more

“I wear a mask to protect myself and the people around me from being exposed to COVID. I realize these efforts help to slow down the spread of the virus and further protect the friends and family that I interact with closely.”

— Alizayna Walton, CSU Journalism and Media Communications student

“I wear a mask because I want to protect the health and safety of all of my peers.”

— Emery Jenkins, CSU Political Science student, president of Residence Hall Association