West Elizabeth Transportation Project will connect Foothills Campus to Main Campus

Max At Station

A multimodal enhancement project is underway that will connect the three-mile stretch between the Foothills Campus Transit Station and Colorado State University’s Main Campus, and students and employees are being asked to weigh in on how they’d use enhanced transportation options along the corridor. The new project will also be connected to the existing MAX service on Mason Street.

The West Elizabeth Corridor is currently the densest off-campus student housing district in the city. Challenges to the commute between the two campuses currently restrict the ability of students and employees to schedule activities on both the Main and Foothills Campuses, such as work opportunities, class offerings, internships and student research on campus.

The West Elizabeth Transportation Project is aimed at eliminating these issues and creating a safe, efficient transit route between the two campuses. The new project will focus on MAX style BUS Rapid Transit service, protected bike lanes, enhanced bicycle and pedestrian crossings, complete ADA-compliant sidewalk network and traffic calming for the area.

The City of Fort Collins has published a survey seeking student feedback. The survey includes questions regarding the type and frequency of route use in addition to identifying any current uncomfortable areas and additional amenities. Take the survey to help shape the impact of the project and to create the best transportation route possible.

Take the survey

The survey is available until Nov. 1 and can be found online:  https://fhueng.mysocialpinpoint.com/west-elizabeth-corridor/west-elizabeth-corridor-home

Or via text: (888) 860-0395 with “west Elizabeth” in the message.