Washington County: Levi Kipp – Statistics

Levi Kipp

All64: Every corner of Colorado. CSU connects with every county.

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A big thanks goes to my instructors. Collectively, they have shaped me into the student I am, and I’m grateful for that.


During the 2022-23 academic year, we are highlighting one Colorado State University student or alum from each of Colorado’s 64 counties. The Centennial State’s land grant university has a connection to the diverse lands and people from the counties of Moffat to Baca, Montezuma to Sedgwick and everywhere in between.

Levi Kipp

Major: Statistics

Why I chose CSU: I knew I wanted to attend college in Colorado, and the strong statistics and data science coursework at CSU was appealing to me. I also knew I’d be able to find a place to fit in here in Fort Collins.

My favorite thing about CSU:I can get everywhere I need to be by walking around, biking, or taking the bus.

Clubs/organizations in college: Stat Alliance, Geography Club

Scholarships/awards in college: Green and Gold Scholarship, Statistics Undergraduate Excellence in Tutoring Award, College of Natural Sciences Dean’s List

Favorite achievement: It was heartwarming to be named the recipient of the Statistics department’s Undergraduate Excellence in Tutoring Award last spring. I work with students in the Statistics Success Center; being able to help a fellow student grasp a challenging concept is rewarding.

Career goals: I hope to go into the public sector and use my knowledge to make the world a better place. Where, when, or how? I don’t know, so I’ll have to wait and see where life takes me.

Favorite instructors: John Lindenbaum in the Geography department is my favorite CSU instructor. He makes learning feel easy! As for my favorite class, I’d have to say STAT 420: Probability. What are the odds of that??

I’d like to thank: A big thanks goes to my instructors. Collectively, they have shaped me into the student I am, and I’m grateful for that. I’d also like to thank my advisors for helping me navigate those initial steps during my time at CSU, and my classmates for supplying a friendly environment and some healthy competition.

Quirky fact: I once volunteered to be the first in line in my group to rappel down a rock face. (Yes, it was scary. Yes, I survived.)

What should people know about Washington County: We have about 14 cows for every 1 person.

What you tell people from your home county about CSU: There are a lot more fields of study and research programs than you probably think! Come up here and visit sometime.

Favorite NOCO food and hangouts: Alleycat Coffee House, Lory Student Center

Biggest adversity you’ve overcome at CSU: There were many challenges associated with learning during the pandemic. However, I’m glad many of my peers and instructors had a “let’s pull through this together” mentality during the tough times.