Volunteers needed for Community Welcome 2017

Community Welcome graphic

More than 200 volunteers are needed for the 17th annual Community Welcome event on Aug. 23 from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Every year, just prior to the fall semester, the City of Fort Collins and Colorado State University collaborate to foster positive community relations between new students and long-term residents of Fort Collins. Volunteers – community members as well as CSU faculty, staff and students – visit more than 2,000 residences around the CSU campus and chat with neighbors about various topics. Often, this event serves to raise the community’s awareness of new and existing ordinances in Fort Collins.

The event is meant to help students and longtime residents of Fort Collins connect and find a sense of community. The volunteers will encourage neighbors to introduce themselves and exchange contact information. Past volunteers have included everyone from CSU Athletic Director Joe Parker to representatives from the Larimer Humane Society Animal Control Service.

Core supporters of Community Welcome include members of law enforcement. Police officers from the City of Fort Collins and from CSU join forces to foster positive connections with students and residents of the city.

“This event highlights how much the University and the City of Fort Collins truly care about the surrounding community,” said Jeannie Ortega, director of Off-Campus Life for CSU.

Community Welcome would not be possible without the individuals who volunteer and help introduce Fort Collins as a welcoming community. “Rams support Rams and the entire community,” Ortega said.

To volunteer for the event, visit the Off-Campus Life website or contact Lindsay Mason,  Program Coordinator for Off-Campus Life, via email at Lindsay.mason@colostate.edu or phone, 970-491-6191.