2017 Virtual reality symposium to address tech trends, research potential

virtual reality symposium graphic

The 2017 HP/NVIDIA Virtual and Augmented Reality Symposium will be held Friday, Oct. 20, 1-4:30 p.m. at the Colorado State Stadium, sixth floor (west side, through the Hall of Champions). The symposium will include speakers from industry and research universities to discuss technological trends and potential for research, education and art expansion with virtual and augmented reality. The event is free and open to the public. The symposium also kicks off the second annual VR Hackathon, taking place Oct. 20-22.


Allen Buckner

Allen Buckner is the Director of VR Product Management and Vertical Segment Development for HP’s Workstation Division headquartered here in Fort Collins. Allen has spent over 18 years at HP in a variety of new product incubation, marketing and business strategy roles. His current role with HP allows him the opportunity to work with numerous customers and industry partners developing cutting-edge VR experiences for businesses.

Will wade

Will Wade is the business director responsible for Pro-Viz product introductions at NVIDIA. He is responsible for developing both NVIDIA proprietary technology as well as partnerships with industry leading visualization providers. His team is currently working on solutions in high-end rendering, cloud services and virtual reality.

Thomas McLaughlin

Thomas M. McLaughlin is founder and CEO of Motion Reality, Inc. (“MRI”). MRI’s licensed motion capture technology won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. It has been used in the creation of high fidelity human motions for over 40 movies such as the Lord of the Rings and AVATAR, as well as in video games.

Phill Norlund

Phill Norlund is the manager responsible for visualization and interpretation technologies within Landmark Graphics, the software development division of Halliburton. He currently manages multiple research and development teams that focus on areas including: cloud-based distributed GPUs for the visualization of massive datasets; the use of cognitive science to improve interpretation techniques; and the applications of augmented and virtual reality devices in exploration workflows.

Cyane Tornatzky

Cyane Tornatzky is an assistant professor of electronic art at Colorado State University. Conceptually, Tornatzky’s work centers around explorations of gender and female socio-political identities. To provide a closer look at the true nature of her subject’s experience, Tornatzky often inhabits her subjects’ worlds through performance – courting bathos as a tool to reveal the underpinnings of our cultural interactions. Output of her work utilizes hybridized technologies that combine old and new. Tornatzky’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.