Update on parking permits on CSU campuses

Lake Street Parking Garage

As a most unusual Fall semester ends, Colorado State University employees may be wondering about parking on CSU campuses and any related updates.

In late March, enforcement was suspended for a limited time due to the pandemic, and Parking and Transportation Services extended a credit to customers with a 2019-2020 annual permit or Spring semester permit. The credit was based on the number of days enforcement was limited.

Credits can be used to purchase spring pro-rated annual, semester, monthly, partial week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday) permits or daily scratch off hangtags. Scratch-off hangtags are valid through 2022, allowing customers with credits a flexible daily permit option for changing schedules.

Credits are no longer available online due to system limitations; however, a Parking and Transportation Services team member can assist you over the phone, through email or in the office. Staffing will be limited during the last two weeks of December, so contact the office as soon as possible. There will be no credits extended after Dec. 31, 2020.

Other parking reminders

•  Spring permits will go on sale in December.

•  Food for Fines program is running through Dec. 18, for customers wishing to reduce the amount of their parking citations by making a contribution to Rams Against Hunger.

•  A valid CSU parking permit or payment in a designated hourly space is required to park on Main and South campuses.

•  Parking lots are enforced Monday-Friday or as posted, including over fall, winter, spring and summer breaks. Parking garages are enforced 24 hours, seven days a week, year-round.

•  Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, Parking and Transportation Services will implement full enforcement and requirements for paid parking on the Foothills Campus.

Parking and Transportation Services news

PTS has been busy creating new and adapting existing services to meet the needs of the campus community during the pandemic.

•  Launched a two-year retiree virtual permit and moved the process to completely virtual, removing the requirement to secure the permit in person, supporting customer safety.

•  Developed two new permit payment options:

•  Twelve-month payroll installment option for benefit eligible employees serving 12-month assignments.

•  Three-month student bursar installment option for students who purchased their permit in August and wanted a 90-day payment option applied to their student account.

•  Moved in-office customer experience to paperless.

•  Offered a renewable permit – automatically placing a customer permit in their online basket, reducing the number of steps required to purchase a permit and allowing customers to simply extend the expiration date.

•  Condensed Fall semester permit option to recognize the online status after Thanksgiving.

•  Contracted a new hourly parking vendor that will go live 2021, lowering the hourly mobile transaction fee from 35 cents to 20 cents. The mobile app delivers an improved customer experience and wayfinding. Watch for new ParkMobile signs in hourly parking areas.

•  Offered additional partial-week permit options along with hangtags to provide flexibility in this time of increased work from home.

•  Partnered with Foothills campus to develop an improved visitor parking web application, estimated launch is first quarter of 2021.

•  Identified 12 spaces on campus to support ride hail demand, partnering with Uber and Lyft.

Please visit Parking and Transportation Services for more information on employee parking.

Variety of parking permits available

  • Annual permit
  • Monthly permit
  • Daily permit
  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday only permit
  • Tuesday and Thursday only permit
  • Hourly parking to accommodate short visits on campus with $1 hourly parking near Moby Arena
  • Daily scratch-off permits: Buy 10 for the price of nine to use as needed
  • Shared permits: If customers want to share a permit, they can purchase a permit under one person’s name and account and plan with a friend or co-workers on how they will alternate visits to campus. A permit only allows one vehicle to be on campus at any given time, so a shared permit requires careful planning by the permit holder to ensure the permit is not misused. If more than one vehicle on the permit is parked on campus at the same time, it will result in a citation placed on the account of the responsible permit holder. A customer can add or remove vehicles from their account as needed.