University to test emergency message system

CSU will test emergency alert email and text systems the afternoon of  Wednesday, Oct. 22. These tests help ensure that emergency notification systems function correctly during a real emergency.

During an emergency, the university may communicate through a variety of channels including an email to all university email addresses (students, faculty and staff) and text alerts to subscribers.

Emergency messages are sent to students and employees when there is a situation that is deemed an ongoing threat to campus and is within or adjacent to university property boundaries.

During an emergency, information will be posted to the university’s safety site. This website is the university’s main resource for safety information.  Safety information may be shared through the university’s main social media accounts, on the Public Safety Team and CSUPD Facebook account and Twitter account (@CSUPoliceSafety), as well as SOURCE, the university’s online newsletter, and other communications channels. For more information about how the university communicates during an emergency and various emergency communications channels that may be used, visit

Students and employees cannot opt out of emergency emails. Anyone with a university ID can sign up for text messages. To do so, visit RamWeb (, log in with your university ID and select “manage my student record,” then select “change my text messaging options.” This log-in is sign-up access for employees as well.

An annual test of these alert systems is required by the Clery Act.

Text messages are sent to all subscribers, regardless of their current location, during an emergency or test.