University statement regarding Admissions Ambassador concerns

Update April 4, 2019

The University and Office of Admissions are also aware of the concerns made public by CSU student Dominique Rosendo. The 2015-2017 situations described in her Facebook post were resolved in consultation with Student Employment Services and Human Resources, and because it involved personnel discussions, cannot be publicly disclosed.

To ensure that the steps we have taken over the past two years have addressed the issues raised in these posts and that all current Admissions Ambassadors feel welcome and included, we have initiated a review of our current practices and interactions.

Posted April 3, 2019

The University and Office of Admissions are aware of concerns recently made public by a CSU student, Anarely Marquez-Carranco, who posted on her Facebook about her experiences as a bi-lingual tour leader and Admissions Ambassador in 2016. Those concerns were shared with senior leadership in 2016 and were promptly investigated at the time, including consultation with Student Employment Services and Human Resources. The outcome of those efforts cannot be shared publicly due to employee privacy laws. This privacy requirement applies to any individual who is or has been an employee and prevents us from disclosing specific details.

We appreciate all that Anarely has contributed to the university as a student leader, and because we are concerned when any member of our campus community feels they have been treated with bias, we are taking further steps to follow up regarding this situation. In addition, in the last two years, the Office of Admissions has made changes to our processes, structures and training related to engagements with student employees and university guests, as well as diversifying the recruitment initiatives for the student ambassadors.

Incidents of bias can be reported here ( Issues related to student conduct can be reported through our Student Resolution Center, and (, incidents related to employees can be reported through our Office of Equal Opportunity (

Inclusion and respect are among CSU’s Principles of Community and our core values, and we are committed and accountable as a community to this end.