University message on speaker events, demonstrations and public safety

Crowd on the LSC Plaza

Crowd on the Plaza listening to speakers at CSUnites, March 2018.

As we approach an election year, we anticipate increased political engagement on our main campus, including speakers invited by student groups and university programs, external groups who use our free speech zones to demonstrate, and members of our own student, faculty and staff community who organize peaceful protests on campus. With these potential events in mind, we want to share information about university safety with you.

The safety of our university community is our primary priority. The University evaluates each proposed event and assesses security needs well in advance. We create safety plans with a holistic approach, including the safety needs of event attendees, our university community, and the larger Fort Collins community. We also partner with appropriate law enforcement agencies when needed. In some situations, we research and talk in-depth with other institutions that have hosted various speakers or events to better understand their experiences. We then create a safety plan for each event and, in cases involving political speakers, these safety plans are in depth, collaborative, and based on best practices.

We do not publicly share specific safety plans related to events or concerns; to do so puts the university’s security at risk. Our security plans protect public safety and follow established guidelines for large events on campus, while also allowing peaceful assembly and demonstration.

Important policies and laws that guide our response to events:

If you are aware of information that creates concern about your safety or the safety of others, please report it to CSUPD by calling (970) 491-6425 or, in an emergency, call or text 911. The University also has resources in place to support your personal sense well-being while on campus available at

Thank you,

The Public Safety Team