Trade food for fines: Reduce your parking citation

Want to reduce the amount of your parking citation fine?food-donation

Colorado State University’s Parking and Transportation Services offers a chance for you to reduce the amount of a citation during select days of the year as a food- and fundraiser for the Food Bank for Larimer County.

From Nov. 28 – Dec. 16, bring in a non-perishable food item to the Parking Services office in the Lake Street Garage or make an online cash donation to the food bank for a reduced citation.

Donating food can reduce your fine by $5, or drop an elevated citation to its original amount. Only one discount  per citation is given, regardless of the amount of food donated, but discounts on multiple citations can be taken with a donation of multiple non-perishable food items. Cash donations also are accepted, with a $2 donation to the food bank also dropping a citation by $5 or to the original amount. Cash donations are only accepted online.

For more information and specific instructions about how to receive a discount, visit the food for fines page on the Parking and Transportation Services website.

The Rules

  • Non-perishable food items bring a one-time, $5 reduction to a parking citation, or drop an elevated citation to its original amount
  • You can bring as many non-perishable food items as you want, but you’ll only receive one $5 discount per parking citation, or a one-time drop to the original citation amount per parking citation. Only one deduction per citation is allowed.
  • A cash donation of $2 or more also will drop a citation by $5 or to the original amount. Only one $5 deduction or drop to the original amount is allowed per parking citation. Cash donations are NOT accepted at the CSU Parking Services office; cash donations must be made online. Donate here.
  • To qualify with an online donation, you must take two steps.
    • First, email your donation receipt to
    • Second, call Parking Services at 970-491-7041 to verify the donation and pay your citation over the phone with a credit card. Making an online donation does not prevent further action on the citation (such as an escalated fine if a citation is not paid within the due date). Please try to pay your citation as quickly as possible after making your donation to prevent escalation or transfer to your university account.
  • Citations that have already been transferred to University Accounts Receivable are not eligible for a Food for Fines reduction.