Tom Rovis named a ‘highly cited researcher’

Tomislav Rovis, professor of chemistry in the College of Natural Sciences, has been named a “Highly Cited Researcher” for 2015 by Thomson Reuters.


The company publishes the annual list that represents “some of the world’s most influential scientific minds.” This year, about 3,000 researchers in 21 science fields earned the distinction by writing the greatest number of reports officially designated by “Essential Science Indicators” as “Highly Cited Papers.” This means they’re among the top 1 percent of researchers most cited by other researchers in their fields.

The list features authors “whose published work in their specialty areas has consistently been judged by peers to be of particular significance and utility.

Rovis is the John K. Stille Professor of Organic Chemistry at CSU. He leads a research group that studies asymmetric catalysis and organometallic chemistry, and develops new tools for organic synthesis.

“This is very flattering of course, but it’s ultimately a testament to the talented and motivated coworkers in my lab,” Rovis said. “CSU’s status in chemistry obviously helps us recruit among the very best such people.”