TILT gallery fuses arts and academics

Arts and the academics are seeing a new fusion come to life at The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) at Colorado State University. The Annual Celebration for Academics in the Arts is a new academically rigorous art competition and gallery scheduled to open in the TILT building on April 9.

Tilt Art ExhibitThe theme for this year’s gallery is “Global Justice: A Frame of Mind” and submissions are being accepted until March 4 from CSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and the surrounding community. Connor Kealey, the TACAA main coordinator, is excited to open a gallery that engages the entire community in a global conversation.

“Global Justice to me means finding a way for us all to live in harmony,” says Kealey. “It means that when the vulnerable and shut-out need our help, we come to their aid. Justice in itself brings to mind ‘doing the right thing’ and having a moral conscience, but when you add the word ‘global’ you are looking at this idea on a much larger worldwide scale.”

Changes to the gallery

Previously, the gallery was all about competition, but this year the TACAA committee hopes to break down those walls and rebuild a gallery that is academically focused to highlight the Learning Programs section of TILT.

Darrie Burrage, associate director of learning programs at TILT, says, “This is more than a mere competition amongst artists, rather, it’s an occasion that everyone (inside and outside the CSU walls) can take part in — which is an important message considering how global justice requires worldwide participation, as opposed to the participation of just a few. In that way, the approach TACAA takes is novel and metaphorical for the good we seek to produce in the world.”

“My hope is that TACAA will make an impact on many of those who participate,” says Kealey. “The kind of impact we are looking to make is uncovering the true value of academics in the arts. Art has proven to be a catalyst for change, and so through this year’s competition and gallery we hope to create a space for change that will benefit the whole community.”

Artists may submit up to three works of art that they have produced within the last three years. For more detailed submission information, visit the TILT website at tilt.colostate.edu/learning/art. All entries should relate to this year’s theme, and artists may submit an abstract of their work in lieu of a physical piece until the March 4 deadline.