The power of collective giving transforms Natural Sciences

Colorado State’s College of Natural Sciences makes a bold statement to prospective and current students: “Discovery begins here.” Thanks in part to thousands of donors who supported the college’s students, faculty, and mission throughout State Your Purpose: The Campaign for Colorado State University, the college is well positioned to make good on that promise – today and well into the future.

“Gifts from the campaign were transformational,” asserts Jan Nerger, dean of the College of Natural Sciences. “We were able to support undergraduate and graduate students with scholarships and fellowships, establish endowed faculty positions, improve our teaching and research facilities, develop new educational programs, enhance our outreach efforts, and support our cutting-edge foundational and multidisciplinary research.”

Expanding on the impact of philanthropy, Nerger points to the effect of collective support for the college’s goal to educate the next generation of scientists and leaders. “Every gift to the campaign,” she says, “regardless of size, had a positive effect on the college and helped us advance our mission.”

A commitment to diversity

Students taking part in the Little Shop of Physics.

A key part of that mission is a college-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion. “We embrace a wide definition of diversity,” Nerger says, “including culture, ideas and approaches, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, geographic background, national origin, and religious and spiritual beliefs.”

Gifts during the campaign have supported a variety of diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives, including Women in Natural Sciences, Inclusive Computing, the Education and Outreach Center, the CNS Learning Community, First Generation Scholars, and the Little Shop of Physics.

“These programs and others assist us in removing barriers to access and creating excellent educational opportunities for historically excluded and marginalized populations,” says Nerger.

Speaking for the faculty, students, and staff of the College of Natural Sciences, Nerger shared a message of gratitude for the strong support received throughout the campaign and beyond. “Gifts from our extraordinary donors change lives through education, shape the future through research, alter perspectives by opening doors, and strengthen our commitment to advance scientific knowledge. Thank you for believing in our mission and joining our efforts through your support.”