The non-dieting diet plan


Courtesy of the Kendall Anderson Nutrition Center

Tired of starting off every year with the diet you are sure will be the answer, only to start over again next year? Why not make your resolution for 2016 be to NOT DIET. This year focus less on calories and more on feeling good and being healthy!

A Dieting Approach to health is an all-or-nothing view that focuses on numbers and temporary goals. It involves rules and limits, judgmental statements, and eating or not eating depending on what you think you should do, rather than what you want to do.

A Non-Dieting Approach means trusting your body and listening to your instincts. It means heeding hunger and fullness, caring about your health, and being physically active because it makes you feel good. It is realizing that happiness involves a healthy lifestyle rather than a certain weight.

Instead of choosing your next fad diet, choose to make an attitude adjustment in 2016 and use a Non-Dieting approach. Here are some Dieting and Non-Dieting statements that can help you identify things you may think or say and help you move toward a positive, healthier approach.

Diet Mentality Non-diet Mentality
I avoid “bad” foods I enjoy all foods in moderation
I exercise to earn my food I exercise to feel good and push myself
I am successful if I look better I am successful if I feel better
I worry about what others think about my
I think about health benefits