The art of eating mindfully

Provided by the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center

Mindful eating is the practice of being conscious and fully present when eating. It means you remove all distractions and judgements, and focus your attention on your meal, eating with the intention of nourishing your body. When you eat mindfully, you become attuned to the tastes, textures, smells and colors of food, making mealtime more enjoyable.

Mindful-eatingMindful eating is a very useful practice for weight management, as well as correcting overeating and disordered eating patterns. It has been shown to be a valuable tool for the management of type II diabetes as well as an effective way to lower stress levels.

Setting the stage

Want to start eating mindfully? Create the right environment by following the tips below.

– Eat sitting at a table, with a place setting and a little ambiance.
– Remove any distractions, such as a TV, computer, or phone.
– Avoid multitasking. Set aside time to eat, trying not to eat at your desk or in the car.
– Eat with utensils, setting them down between bites as a reminder to eat slowly and deliberately.
– Place foods in a bowl or on a plate to make them visible, rather than eating from a bag or a box.
– Make mealtimes social for a more enjoyable experience.

For more recipes, visit the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center’s website, as well as the College of Health and Human Sciences Pinterest board.