Unique transportation benefits available for employees

Employees who don’t buy an annual parking permit are eligible for some unique transportation benefits through the university, designed to encourage the use of alternative transportation.keys in car door Flexible parking pass options Employees who don’t purchase an annual permit have several options. Employees without an annual permit get a discounted rate on daily scratch off parking passes. The Commuter Pack is comprised of ten scratch off passes and is available for $90 (buy 9, get one free). Even if you usually bike, bus, or carpool, you still might need to park a few times per year. Purchase a 10-pack of daily hangtag parking passes to cover your drive. For more information, call Parking Services at 970-491-7041. Monthly parking passes are also available, and can be especially handy in winter months for employees who may otherwise ride a bike or transit. These permits are $61 a month. Emergency Ride Home Emergency Ride Home is your assurance that you can get a ride home if you have taken alternative transportation to Colorado State University. Emergency Ride Home is funded by Parking and Transportation Services. It’s available to employees who need to get home and:

  • Do not have a parking permit with Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Use alternative transportation other than their personal vehicle the day of the Emergency Ride Home request.
An employee can use this service two times per fiscal year. It provides a free taxi ride home or the free check-out a Zipcar (free membership required) to get home in an emergency. Short term rental cars on campus Need to run an errand at lunch? Colorado State University has partnered with Zipcar to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to the area. Zipcars are available to students and employees, and are parked across campus for pick up; once you’re done with the Zipcar, you return it to the same spot. More info    

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October initiates new campus construction project

October 1 will mark the first day of construction on the university’s new Biology building, when the construction fence officially encloses the construction site and parking in lot #547 closes.

  • Expect delays on nearby Lake Street, Pitkin Street and East Drive, while utility work for the two buildings is completed. Over the next several weeks to months, traffic may be reduced to one lane, monitored by flaggers.
  • All traffic, but particularly bikes and pedestrians are encourage to avoid the intersections of Lake and East, and Lake and Pitkin. They also should avoid traveling west on Piktin Street directly north of the construction site (west of East Drive) because of heavy construction traffic to and from the site.
  • Due to increased traffic from construction equipment, it is especially important for individuals who are riding bikes to obey all traffic laws, just as they would if driving a vehicle, including stopping at stop signs, yielding right of way, and following flagger directions.
  • People who have routinely parked in lot #547 should consider parking in the new lot on Research Drive. More information about parking availability.
The Biology building, and its companion Chemistry building, slated to be built next-door with a start date this winter, will help complete a science mall on campus, including existing buildings Yates Hall, Microbiology, Anatomy-Zoology, Environmental Health, Pathology. More information about Biology and Chemistry buildings.

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Parking discount offered to low income employees

The Division of Operations and Parking and Transportation Services are rolling out a one-year pilot program to assist the university’s lowest paid employees in meeting increased parking permit costs. The pilot program will be evaluated after one year. The program, designed by a committee that included representatives from the Administrative Professional Council, the Classified Personnel Council, and the Emergency Hardship Loan Fund committee, will automatically provide a 50 percent reduction in annual permit fees to employees who meet criteria. The discount was created after extensive conversations across campus about potential changes to the campus parking model and a necessary increase to parking permit fees. The discussion process included analysis from the Center for Public Deliberation and feedback from various groups on campus, including Administrative Professional Council, Faculty Council and Classified Personnel Council. An option to assist lower-income employees emerged as an important consideration, particularly for employees who are unable to use alternative transportation due to their work schedules. “This new discount program is a great step in answering faculty and staff feedback that low-income employees may need assistance with parking permit fee costs,” said Jeff Sturgeon, immediate past chair of the Classified Personnel Council. The discount will not apply to monthly, daily or hourly parking permits. To qualify for the discount, employees must be half-time or greater and eligible for university benefits, and make less than $30,000 as their base salary. Employees who do not work full time must make less than the equivalent of $30,000 in base salary if paid full-time to receive the discount. Employees who meet all criteria will receive a letter confirming their eligibility within the first two weeks of August. Employees who meet all criteria will automatically receive the discounted price when purchasing their annual parking permits; no application process is necessary. Employees may purchase their permit online or in person at Parking Services. Human Resources will provide Parking and Transportation Services with information about employees who meet the criteria. Employees who qualify for the discount, but who have already purchased a full-price annual permit for 2015-2016, should contact Parking Services for a 50 percent refund of the cost. The university identified the need to increase parking permit fees to increase and maintain university parking inventory. Fees will help pay for the construction of an additional parking garage between Pitkin and Lake Streets on the east side of campus, and an additional parking lot on the south side of campus, to be completed in a few weeks. Employees who believe they may qualify but who did not receive the discount should contact Parking Services at 970-491-7041.

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Site preparation begins for new parking garage

The north section of the University Square parking lot will close on August 3, when site preparation begins for the new South College Parking Garage. The closure will impact 275 parking spaces in lot #575.hard hat general 2 On August 3, the underpass tunnel at College Avenue near the University Center for the Arts also will be closed while the city improves bike access on Remington Street. CSU crews also will move the sidewalk access adjacent to the University Square lot to the tunnel to accommodate changes created by the construction project. The tunnel will be closed from August 5-13 while these improvements are completed. The South College Parking Garage is a four-story building that will add 650 parking spaces to campus inventory. It is slated to be finished in about a year.  

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Updated: Lake, Pitkin routes impacted

Updated 12:15 p.m. July 24 Traffic flaggers will be on Pitkin Street from Meridian Avenue east to the Visual Arts Building starting Monday, July 27 through August 7 to accommodate utility work. Both east and west traffic will be allowed to pass, but expect delays. Original post (July 17) On Monday, July 20, sidewalks on Lake and Pitkin streets around the construction fence for the stadium site will be shifted into the construction fence zone. On Lake Street, the construction fence will come out onto the street, and a protected walkway on Lake Street will be created to allow safe movement for pedestrians and bike riders. On Lake Street adjacent to the Aggie Village site, the construction fence also will be expanded over the sidewalks. Two lanes for campus traffic will remain. These shifts will remove street parking along this section of Lake Street on the north side of the street between Whitcomb Street and the arboretum, and on both sides of Lake between Whitcomb and Center. Parking along this section of Lake Street has not required a university permit. Utility work also will be performed on Pitkin Street near the Visual Arts building.  

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Updated: Parking lots briefly close for maintenance

Updated: Westfall parking lots #110 and #115 - closed July 23-August 14 Original post (July 17) Several parking lots will be temporary closed before the end of July for maintenance. Ingersoll lot #215 – closed July 20-22 Top floor of Lake Street Garage – closed July 20-August 3 Christiansen Field lot #440 – closed July 22-24 Spruce and Alder lots #330 and #332 –closed July 23-25 Westfall lot also will close before the end of July for reconfiguration. More information will be available on SOURCE soon.

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