Supply Chain Student Case Competitions

International Undergraduate Supply Chain Competition

Four students, Alexis Applegate, Anastasia Pjevach, Doug Gaillard, and Jonathan Schulein (see photo), competed in the 5th Annual 2017 International Undergraduate Supply Chain Competition at the end of March at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. Students competed against 29 other universities and were one of eight schools that received recognition. The distribution/retail case involved perishable items for the case sponsor, Land O’ Lakes. The CSU team placed 2nd in their flight, beaten out by the overall champion. Their performance was so strong, however, that they were recognized at the awards banquet for their excellence.



Denver Transportation Club Operations Stimulus Case Competition

Thanks to APICS Northern Colorado and the Forum Partners, Colorado State students competed in the Denver Transportation Club Operations Stimulus Student Supply Chain Management Case Competition, and once again distinguished themselves as one of the top teams at this event.  Jens Aaron, Douglas Gaillard, and Jonathan Schulein had to develop a global sourcing, manufacturing and distribution strategy for a kitchen blender, taking into account the costs and risks of their decision.  CSU’s team competed against Wayne State, Syracuse, and Georgia Southern universities in the first round.  Wayne State won the pool, edging out CSU by a nose, and advanced to the finals.  Dalhausie University was the overall winner this year.  As has become the norm for CSU students at these events, other faculty members and executives of the Denver Transportation Club spoke highly of the CSU students’ professionalism and knowledge.  Congratulations to the team members for their outstanding efforts and for representing CSU in such a positive and professional manner!


National Undergraduate Supply Chain and Operations Case Competition

In November, CSU participated for the first time in a case competition hosted by Arizona State.  This was a highly competitive competition sponsored by Starbucks, Oracle, C.H. Robinson, CSCMP. The students were given a real-world problem to solve and had the exciting opportunity to tour a Starbucks distribution facility. Sage Davis, Charlie Huminski, Erica Youngdahl and Jordan Hammond (see photo) represented CSU in the competition and impressed the judges with their creative solutions. Although they did not place in this competition, the students came away with some interesting insights and a better understanding of the complexities of perishable goods supply chains. The team was coached by Zac Rogers, a recent graduate of Arizona State who is looking forward to another chance this fall to take down his alma matter!