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Summertime Standouts 2017

by CSU External Relations Staff | July 20, 2017 2:46 PM

Guy standing on top of Horsetooth Rock in Fort Collins holding out a CSU flag[1]

Our students made a big splash around the world this summer doing internships, research and volunteering abroad.

Click on the name of a student to read more about her/his summer adventure.

College of Agricultural Sciences[2]


Kayla Steed[4]

College of Business[5]

Rylee Causey holding a belt[6]

Rylee Causey[7]

Charlie Warden, Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA[8]

Charlie Warden[9]

College of Health and Human Sciences[10]

Taylor Dowdle[11]

Taylor Dowdle[12]

Sara Begley, apparel and merchandising[13]

Sara Begley[14]

College of Liberal Arts[15]

Corinne Petro, ethnic studies/philosophy[16]

Corinne Petro[17]


Heidi Fuhrman[19]

College of Natural Sciences[20]

Julia Chavarria, psychology[21]

Julia Chavarria[22]

Jack Hill in front of a computer[23]

Jack Hill[24]

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences[25]

Parker Lewis[27]

Bailey Shaw standing in front of an airplane[28]

Bailey Shaw[29]

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering[30]

Patrick brown standing in front of a brick wall an beautiful view[31]

Patrick Brown[32]

Zori Oberle, biomedical engineering, on a hike[33]

Zori Oberle[34]

Warner College of Natural Resources[35]

Montana Sauve, natural resources management, outside[36]

Montana Sauve[37]

Grace Ota, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, on a hike[38]

Grace Ota[39]
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