Student Diversity Programs staff honored by Employee Appreciation Board

The Employee Appreciation Board recently honored the Student Diversity Programs and Services (SDPS) cluster.

SDPS staffThe SDPS cluster is composed of seven different cultural and resource centers that support the diversity of human experiences together, offer a home away from home, provide resources for students, and serve as a respite for students experiencing acts of bias on campus. The offices are places on campus for students to share common experiences, develop awareness of themselves and begin to feel affirmed and empowered to create change.

With the ongoing national, state, local and campus incidents of bias that continue to occur, there is heightened awareness of the increased need to provide extra support and resources for students. The staff from all units of the SDPS cluster have worked tirelessly to ensure that students feel heard and advocated for. They work together to make CSU a great place where students feel welcomed, valued and affirmed.

The Employee Appreciation Board was blown away with the nomination of SDPS and the work done by this dedicated group of people, and the board thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the staff while providing breakfast and door prizes.

If you have a group you’d like to nominate to be honored by the Employee Appreciation Board, visit the EAB website.