Spring 2017 student consumer information

Story by Joe Donlay

This notice contains a summary of consumer information that must be made available to all students of Colorado State University in accordance with federal regulations set forth by The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. Each topic listed gives a brief description of the information that must be disclosed and how it can be obtained.

Find helpful information

Most information is available in either the online University catalog or on the University’s website, www.colostate.edu.
• Catalog information is available at www.catalog.colostate.edu
• If you are a financial aid recipient, “Your Financial Aid Guide” information booklet for 2015-2016 is available at financialaid.colostate.edu. This booklet contains general financial aid information published each academic year.
If you would like a paper copy of any of this information or have additional questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid at (970) 491-6321.

Specific topics

Colorado State University General Information

• Information included: Information related to tuition/fees and other costs, withdrawal from the University, refund policy, current degree programs and faculty/staff, facilities, student services, accrediting agencies, copyright infringement, study abroad, etc.
• Information located: Colorado State University catalog; www.catalog.colostate.edu, Financial Services, Degree Programs, University Facilities, Student Services, The University; Values, Mission, Goals, and International Programs.

Your Rights under FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act – Buckley Amendment)

• Information included: The rights which students have regarding their educational records.
• Information located: Colorado State University catalog; www.catalog.colostate.edu (select University Policies, then FERPA (Student Privacy)).

Process for registering to vote

• Information included: Websites for registering to vote for local, state, and federal elections.
• Information located:
Federal: http://www.eac.gov/voter_resources/register_to_vote.aspx
State: http://www.eac.gov/voter_resources/contact_your_state.aspx
Larimer County: http://www.larimer.org/elections/registration.htm

Process for applying for financial aid

• Information included: Steps to apply for financial aid and information on financial aid notices.
• Information located: the Office of Financial Aid website; financialaid.colostate.edu

Information regarding financial assistance

• Information included: Descriptions of all financial aid programs available through Colorado State University, rights and responsibilities of students receiving aid, how financial aid is paid, financial aid refunds, employment information, loan repayment information, and verification of attendance for federal financial aid.
• Information located: “Your Financial Aid Guide”; financialaid.colostate.edu

Federal student loan information

• Information included: Available student loans, entrance counseling, master promissory note, repayment, deferment, and consolidation.
• Information located: Federal Student Aid website; www.studentaid.gov/types/loans

Financial aid policy for unofficial withdrawals

• Information included: Students who leave the University and do not formally withdraw will be assigned grades of “F” (failure) or “U” (unsatisfactory). Additionally, recipients of federal financial aid who never begin attendance or who unofficially withdrew from the University will have federal aid adjusted based on the date of the latest academic event in which the student participated. If no academic event can be documented, 100% of the federal, state, and institutional financial aid will be cancelled because the student never began attendance.
• Information located: financialaid.colostate.edu (select Applying for Financial Aid, Student Policies and Information, and Withdrawal).

Purchasing textbook information

• Information included: Options for reserving, buying, or renting textbooks and comparison shopping.
• Information located: http://www.bookstore.colostate.edu/home.aspx

Resources for individuals with disabilities

• Information included: Campus and other resources for individuals with disabilities, and rights and responsibilities for current and prospective students with disabilities.
• Information located: www.rds.colostate.edu/students.aspx

Colorado State University security policies and crime statistics

• Information included: Annual safety report and alcohol/drug policy, crime statistics (including statistics required under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act as amended by the 2013 Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act), and the University emergency operations plan.
• Information located: http://police.colostate.edu/clery-act/
and http://policylibrary.colostate.edu/policy.aspx?id=557

Retention & completion/graduation rate of students

• Information included: The retention & completion/graduation rates at Colorado State University
• Information located: www.ir.colostate.edu (select Data and Analysis, Students, Student Success)

Future plans secured rates (placement rates of graduates)

• Information included: Information from each college on percentages employed at graduation by major, employers, average salaries, and graduate schools/programs.
• Information located:  (select Data and Analysis, Students, Degrees, Graduation Survey)

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA)

• Information included: General CSU athletic information, CSU teams, gender breakdown per team, coaching staff, revenue and expenses and other supplemental information.
• Information located: (select Get data for one institution and indicate Colorado State University)

Student right to file a complaint

• Information included: General complaint reporting policy, procedures for filing a written complaint, complaint review and resolution process.
• Information located: http://catalog.colostate.edu/general-catalog/policies/students-rights/#right-discuss-concerns-department-chairs
• For students residing outside of Colorado, a complaint can be registered in the state where you reside by using contact information located here: http://sheeo.org/sheeo_surveys/

Notice and disclosure of gainful employment information

• Information included: General cost, program information and job placement for graduate certificate programs.
• Information located: http://financialaid.colostate.edu/gainful-employment-disclosures

Contact: The Office of Financial Aid
E-mail: financialaid@colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-6321