Special parking policy for CSU game days: What you need to know

The inaugural season of the on-campus stadium is nearly underway, and game-day parking on campus will be different from parking on non-game weekends.

All CSU parking spaces on campus, including street and metered spaces, will be reserved and specially permitted for game attendance parking only. In addition to game attendance parking, some spots will be reserved for other needs like ADA parking, faculty, staff and students whose jobs require them to be on campus on game days, and student residence hall repark.

Here are the six game days this fall:

• Aug. 26, CSU vs Oregon State
• Sept. 9, CSU vs Abilene Christian
• Oct. 14, CSU vs Nevada
• Oct. 28, CSU vs Air Force
• Nov. 11, CSU vs Boise State
• Nov. 18, CSU vs San Jose State

More information on the 2017 season and CSU Athletics can be found at CSURams.com.

And here’s an FAQ with information you need to know about parking on campus when home games are slated:

Q: If I am a CSU faculty, staff or student with a regular 2017-2018 CSU parking permit purchased through Parking Services, will that permit allow me to park on campus on a game day?

A: Regular parking permits purchased for employees and students who commute to campus for the 2017-18 year are not valid for the six Saturdays that football games will be held on campus this fall. However, residence hall students who have a 2017-18 CSU parking permit will be allowed to repark in one of six lots on campus allocated for the student repark program. Residence hall students who have not purchased a 2017-18 permit will not be allowed to park a car on campus through the repark program. (See more information below about the student repark program.)

On all non-game day weekends, parking on campus is open to all faculty, staff, students and the public without a permit.

Student Repark Program (click for link to pdf)

Q: If I am required to participate in the student repark program (I live in a residence hall), where and when do I need to repark my vehicle?

A: All repark lots are CSU lots and five of the six repark lots are located on main campus. Three of the repark lots are located on the north side of campus: Westfall Hall, Parmelee Hall and Allison Hall. The other repark lots are: University Square, South College Parking Garage and Research Blvd.

Students living on campus who have regular 2017-18 residence hall parking permits will be required to move their vehicles to one of the designated repark lots between 4-8 p.m. every Friday before a game. Students may return their vehicles to their regular parking lots beginning four hours after a game through 7 a.m. on the Monday following a game. Transfort will provide shuttle service to and from all repark lots and residence halls.

The student repark program was developed in consultation with and feedback from student groups including ASCSU, Residence Hall Advisors, Fraternity and Sorority Life over the course of more than a year through presentations and open houses. The repark program is similar to ones used by other universities with on-campus stadiums.

Parking in neighborhoods near campus is strongly discouraged. Most neighborhoods have parking permit programs with heavy fines and possible towing that will be enforced by the city on game day.

For more information about repark, visit: Residence Hall Repark Program.

Map of lots available to residence hall students for repark.

Q: I have to report to work on a game day. Where do I park?

A: The university has reserved a number of parking spaces for employees who must be on campus during a game day, but who are not attending the game.Facutly and staff who must work parking areas

Faculty and staff whose work requires them to be on campus on a game day must have a special parking permit from the university which will require them to park in a designated lot or street. There is no charge for these permits, but passes will be approved only for those employees with essential duties that must be carried out on a game day. Some of the designated employee spaces will be located on the north and east sides of campus, but most will be in the USDA NRRC Building lot off Centre Ave. Parking with these special permits is allowed starting at 6 a.m. on game day, and a new permit is required for each game.

Permits must be requested in advance through the college dean or vice president’s office under which the employee works, and will not be issued through the CSU Parking Services office. Employees who need to be on campus on game days are encouraged to take alternative transportation to campus, when feasible.

Parking in neighborhoods near campus is strongly discouraged. Most neighborhoods have parking permit programs with heavy fines and possible towing that will be enforced by the city on game day.

Map of designated employee parking.

Q: I have to be on campus late on a Friday before a game. When does my vehicle have to be removed to prepare for game-day parking?

A: Employees and students who live off campus must remove their cars from all lots by 10 p.m. the Friday night before game day.

To provide feedback or ask questions about game day operations, a 24-hour feedback line has been established. The number is (970) 491-6777. The line will be activated by Saturday, Aug. 5. Calls will be returned within three business days.