Speakers Bureau spotlights University experts

A new online Speakers Bureau of Colorado State University experts provides the community another professional resource. The database contains more than 200 top-tier researchers and distinguished professors, searchable by area of expertise, college, research keywords and name.

Colorado State University has unveiled its new Speakers Bureau as a database to tap into the expertise of CSU’s community of scholars and professionals.

microphone275“As one of our country’s best research universities, our faculty at Colorado State are creating cutting-edge knowledge every day,” said Vice President of External Relations Tom Milligan, adding that more than 200 faculty members are participating in the new service. “Through this speakers bureau, we’ve created one more way for CSU to bring world-class information and knowledge to the people of Colorado.”

The Speakers Bureau identifies areas of expertise and creates a searchable online platform meeting planners can use to schedule CSU professors and others for speaking engagements with professional groups, reporters can use for media inquiries and the public can use to increase their engagement with the University on various topics.

The University will continue to include more CSU representatives in the Speakers Bureau  to ensure it remains a comprehensive resource. The Speakers Bureau is also open for submissions and nominations of potential speakers.

Visit the Speakers Bureau website to browse the experts. For questions or additional information, email speakers@colostate.edu.