Facilities Management updates: September 2021

South building access to GSB elevator not available Sept. 13-15

The outside access to the elevator in the General Services Building (GSB) will not be available between Sept. 13-15 due to some upcoming construction work. This access is on the south side of the building.

The elevator can still be accessed from inside the building during typical business hours of Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The elevator can still be accessed internally through the Environmental Services office, and there are wayfinding signs in the building that note this information and direct people to the elevator. However, after hours, the elevator would not be able to be accessed during construction.

For more information, contact the following Facilities Remodel and Construction Services project manager Steve Kellums at (970) 556-7384 or Dan Kozlowski at (970) 567-1365.

Egress doors on north side of Moby B-Wing closed Sept. 20 to Oct. 1

The north entry doors to the Moby B-Wing will be replaced in two phases and will not be accessible for certain dates. The west set of north doors will be closed Sept. 20-24, and the east set of doors will be closed Sept. 27 to Oct.1.

For more information, contact Facilities project manager Brady Carlstrom at (970) 567-1089.

Moby B Wing Entry Closures Updated

Northeast elevator in Plan Sciences is out of service starting Sept. 13

This is an emergency repair. The elevator is out of service until further notice. For more information, contact Facilities Dispatch at (970) 491-0077.