Social media team offers tips in new blog, Social

Graphic with the Social blog logo, and the logos of different social networks CSU is on, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Vine, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Laptop, screen showing screenshot of Social the blogSocial media. It’s everywhere. And, it can be daunting to determine how your department can effectively (and efficiently) use it.

CSU’s Social and Digital Media team out of the Division of External Relations and the University’s Social Media Committee are here to help.

Curious about learning ways to engage your audience? Or, are you looking for tips on how to share science and research stories on social channels? Maybe you’re considering what do with Facebook ads and need some insight. Social is for you.

Social media communicators from across campus (Athletics, Admissions, Colleges, Student Affairs and others) are writing about about what has worked and hasn’t in their social media experiences in a new blog, Social.

CSU social and digital media team members Ashley Manweiler, Evan Moore, Lindsay Conners, Jen Smith, Chase Baker, Kimberly Stern, and Tim Brogdon
Meet the Social authors: (from left) Ashley Manweiler, Evan Moore, Lindsay Connors, Jen Smith, Chase Baker, Kimberly Stern, Tim Brogdon and (not pictured) Christian Herrmann

Posts right now feature:

Social media is at its best when quality content catches fire and spreads among audiences. Subscribe to Social and learn from the CSU community how to make your content catch fire.