Services at CSU Health and Medical Center

Construction of the new CSU Health and Medical Center at Prospect Road and College Avenue was primarily funded with student fees, but everyone benefits from services it offers. Here’s a roundup of services available to students, faculty, staff and the general public at the center:

Student medical services (available regardless of insurance plan)

  • General medical services, including primary care, urgent care, immunizations, behavioral health, pharmacy, and lab services
  • Specialty medical services, including dental, optometry, allergy and asthma, physical therapy, women’s care, and much more
  • Mental health services, including psychiatry, counseling, drugs and alcohol program, and much more
  • Student health education and prevention services
  • Student insurance and billing services
  • (See more at CSU Health Network)

Services for CSU faculty, staff and general public

  • A walk-in clinic and primary care with extended hours and weekend services operated by Associates in Family Medicine, in partnership with UCHealth
  • Occupational health services for anyone injured on the job, including CSU faculty and staff.
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology and imaging services
  • Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center, which provides science-based nutrition counseling and classes to the public. CSU employees receive a discount through Commitment to Campus (
  • Infusion therapy suites for IV antibiotics,
  • IV antibiotics, hydration, blood products, and biologics