Sagarika Sarma named CPC Everyday Hero

The Classified Personnel Council has awarded Sagarika Sarma the Everyday Hero award.

Sarma has worked at CSU since 2009, and has been in her current role as a student case manager in Student Case Management and Referral Coordination since 2014. She loves her job, saying, “I realize every day the resiliency of CSU students, as well as the willingness of the campus and community to help students be successful.” Sarma may be impressed with the Sagarika Sarma receiving Everyday Hero Awardstudents and campus, but it was her own above-and-beyond dedication to the students that earned her the Everyday Hero nomination.

Jennifer Van Norman, director of Student Case Management, nominated Sarma. Van Norman says that Sarma upholds all of CSU’s Principles of Community, “especially social justice. In today’s climate, it is easy to forget about those we’re meant to serve. Sagarika makes it a priority to envelop these students and cradle them with institutional support. She’s truly an inspiration. Every student is treated with respect and fully listened to.”

Sarma stays active and engaged on campus as a part of the DACA/Undocumented Students Committee and the Transgender Care Committee, teaches in the President’s Leadership Program and gives trainings out of the Vice President for Diversity office. In her free time, Sarma enjoys reading, perusing Pinterest, watching Netflix, and traveling. This last year, she traveled to Toulouse, Barcelona, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Boston. Van Norman chimes in, “She’s also an amazing cook and has great style!”

When asked about her first thoughts on receiving the Everyday Hero Award, Sarma says, “I was surprised! I thought it was a fake email at first. But it’s so nice to work in a place where this work is appreciated.”

The Everyday Hero Award is sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council to recognize the day-to-day achievements of all CSU employees (state classified, administrative professionals and faculty). To nominate someone, visit the CPC website.