Restorative justice advocates to speak Oct. 18 in honor of Conflict Resolution Month

Story by Mario Acosta

Conflict Resolution Services at the Student Resolution Center is celebrating Conflict Resolution Month throughout October and bringing in two guest speakers on Oct. 18: Sharletta Evans and Lynn Lee, both of whom are advocates for restorative justice and high-risk victim/offender dialogue.

The event will be held at 11:30 a.m. in the Grey Rock Room at the Lory Student Center.

Sharletta holding photo of her son
Evans with a picture of her son

Evans lost her 3-year-old son, Casson Xavior “Biscuit” Evans, after he was killed during a drive-by shooting in Denver in 1995. Over two decades later, Evans participated in a restorative justice process called victim/offender dialogue with those responsible for the death of her young son. Evans will share her experience and journey to healing. Lee facilitated these conversations and trains facilitators to support people like Evans.

Lee has been working in restorative justice for the past 17 years as a community volunteer, victim advocate, facilitator, trainer and director. She is a retired special education teacher and holds a master’s degree in education administration. Lee facilitated the first high-risk victim offender dialogue in the Colorado Department of Corrections and continues to successfully facilitate high-risk victim offender dialogues in Colorado prisons. Lee was appointed to the Colorado State Restorative Justice Council in 2013 and continues to serve on the board, assisting in implementing RJ legislation around the state of Colorado.

High-risk victim/offender dialogue is a restorative process in which victims or families of victims in high-impact crimes such as homicide, assault, manslaughter and robbery speak directly to the offender. The process is initiated by victims and can take from several months to years to prepare and take place.

Conflict resolution services are available at CSU to assist with any student who is in conflict, a community member who has an issue with a student, or interpersonal conflict between students. The office provides a multitude of free services regarding conflict and an online class for conflict resolution and mediation.

Students can follow additional communications about the event on Facebook and Instagram @CSUResolution.