Repairing a riverbank

restoration-day-plantingHelp restore a fragile ecosystem

Want to join a journey to a little piece of heaven in the Rocky Mountains called the banks of the North Fork River?

The day will start with a trip up U.S. 34 in the Big Thompson Canyon to Devils Gulch Road.

You’ll pass through a section early settlers called Cold Canyon because in the middle of winter, the sun never reached it… a couple of double switchbacks in the road, and then you’ll stop near the tiny town of Glen Haven along a beautiful section of the Big Thompson’s North Fork.

You and the other volunteers will unload equipment, seeds, potted willows, grasses, and other native vegetation, and head down to the quiet river bank. There you’ll work on fortifying the banks–reversing some of the damage caused by flooding last year.

Learn as you volunteer

As you work, you’ll receive hands-on education in riparian ecology and watershed science, which the hosts of this restoration day know a lot about. Your hosts are the Colorado State University Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Club and the Wildlands Restoration Volunteers.

Don’t miss this epic day of ecological restoration and a chance to enjoy the gorgeous colors and serenity of the Colorado mountains in the fall.

Event details

  • Saturday, October 4
  • There is no cost to attend and the outing includes lunch, snacks, and local brews if of age
  • Sign up or get details by emailing Email Marshall Wolf at

Event phone number: (703) 402-3122

Passionate about sustainability?

Join us. The Ecosystem Science & Sustainability (ESS) Club aims to unite students who are passionate about sustainability. Their goals are to connect with ESS faculty at Colorado State to learn about their experiences, give ESS a presence on campus, form a tight knit bond between club members, and evoke positive environmental change within the community.