A 1919 football game. The Old Main Fire. Any Warhol’s visit to Fort Collins. The 1997 flood. Take a look back at the stories being covered by film producer Frank Boring and audiovisual presentation specialist Bryan Rayburn, who are going through CSU’s film archives to compile a documentary about the University’s first 150 years.

Yufna Soldier Wolf

When documentary film producer Frank Boring took on the task of telling the history of CSU through video in honor of the University’s 150th birthday, he knew he’d have to start before the beginning, with the first people who inhabited the area that is now Fort Collins. read more

Teddy the Bear

Footage from a home football game against the University of Colorado in 1919 shows one of CSU’s early mascots, Teddy the Bear. read more

Football reel from 1950s

In the 1950s, when Colorado State University filmed its football games, promotional spots about various aspects of the University were added to the middle of some of the films, as a halftime break from the action. read more

When CSU lost its first academic building to fire on May 8, 1970, it had been a tumultuous week, to say the least. read more

When pop artist Andy Warhol came to the Colorado State University campus in September 1981, it created quite a buzz. read more

Floodwater on campus

July 28, 1997, was an unforgettable day in Colorado State University’s history. read more