Rams Remember Rams: CSU Community Remembrance Ceremony

All members of our campus community are invited to a candlelight remembrance ceremony 5-5:30 p.m. Monday, April 13, to honor Colorado State University students, faculty, and staff, and retired employees who passed away this academic year. The brief ceremony will take place on the north steps of the Administration Building, rain or shine, and will include a reading of names of those CSU community members who have passed away this year, along with an opportunity for silent reflection.

Candles will be provided at the event. The short service will conclude with a candlelight processional to the center of the Oval, with an opportunity for silent reflection following the ceremony in the non-denominational Danforth Chapel until 6 p.m.


Frequently asked questions

Why are we holding a ceremony like this?
Every year, CSU loses treasured members of its community. We believe there is a need to come together to remember them, honor them, and acknowledge what they meant to this institution and to their friends and colleagues within the campus community.

Can I say a few words about my friend?
No. This will be a time for silent reflection as a community, although we encourage friends, colleagues, and residence hall communities to attend together to support one another. There will also be an opportunity for all participants to speak the name of friends and loved ones not on the list of names that are read.

Can I bring flowers?
While this is not prohibited, it is not encouraged. There won’t be a spot to leave them.

Who will be remembered?
All current Colorado State students, faculty, staff, and retired employees who have passed away this academic year.

How can I make sure my friend or colleague is on the list of names to be read?
Feel free to email the name of your friend or colleague to Dell Rae Ciaravola at DellRae.Ciaravola@colostate.edu or Ashley Vigil at Ashley.Vigil@colostate.edu. All those of whom the university is aware will be included, but there will also be an opportunity at the ceremony for participants to share additional names of those they want to remember.

How often does CSU have a ceremony like this?
As a new tradition at CSU, this remembrance ceremony is an annual event that will take place during the spring semester.

Why are you using candles when it will still be light out?
The candles have a symbolic significance — they are a symbol of hope and a way of showing solidarity with one another and the people being remembered. No one is required to carry a candle, but they will be available for all who want them.

Is this a religious event?
No. This is a community gathering. All members of the community are invited to attend and remember, and are welcome to do so in keeping with their own faith tradition or no faith tradition. The non-denominational Danforth Chapel will be open before and after the ceremony for those who want a quiet place to reflect.