Rams Remember Rams ceremony April 26

Rams Remember RamsAll members of the university community, along with family and friends, are invited to a remembrance ceremony from 5-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 26, to honor Colorado State University students, faculty, staff and former or retired employees who passed away in the last year.

The brief ceremony will take place on the north steps of the Administration Building, rain or shine, and will include a reading of names of those CSU community members who have passed away this year, along with an opportunity for silent reflection, lighting a candle in memory of those who have passed, and remember those who have passed with a gift of a mini flower pot and seeds.

The short service will conclude with an opportunity for silent reflection following the ceremony in the non-denominational Danforth Chapel until 6 p.m.

Parking is available behind the administration building and along the Oval.

To date, members of our community who will be remembered are listed below. This list will be updated through the date of the ceremony.

Rams Remember Rams

Lois A. Adams

Christopher P. Allen

Bennie M. Armijo

LeMoyne W. Anderson

Victor A Baez

Kelly Marie Bauer

Leslee Becker

Joseph F. Beebe

Joseph B. Blake

Anton “Wim” Bohm

Nicholas H. Booth

Edward George Buss

Tristan Kaherdin Reed Britt

Richard Dean Brown

Lavon Brown

Steven Rogers Brown

James Randol “Randy” Calhoun

Daniel Scott Carroll

Jean Chadwick

Jannette Clark

Ray D. Cogburn

Dominic Cruz

Merry Jo Dallas

Robert L. Darcy

Mary Daughtrey

Frank R. DeMeyer

Judith Kay Drake

Charles Leroy Elkins

Rodney Lee England

Nicole Erdman

Patrick Fahey

Alexander S. Fritzler

Jeanette Marie Fritzler

Caroline Reid Frye

Jose Elias Gamino, Sr.

Marguerite Garfield

Frank Robert (Bob) Gartner

Harry Lee Gibson

Sheldon Ira Godkin

Dwayne Hamar

Michael Seymour Hamilton

Robert Handa

Linda Kay Heasley

David Herman-Chavez

David Hendricks

Kathleen Ivy

Janet Gretchen Jones

Erma Kay

Mykeal Sterling Kearl

Angel Kelley

Anne M. Kylen

Thomas Augustus LaQuey, Jr.

Lorine N. Lindholm

Antoinette “Toni” Lueck

Bryan William Ludwig

Gerald W. Mansfield

Roger Sherwood Marshall

Karen McCormick

Charles ‘Dave’ McManus

Lyle E. Mitchell

Elizabeth Ann Mitchell

Vincent “Vince” Murphy

Dennis R. Nall

Kaeden Cole Norlander

Katie F. Olson

Mary R. Ontiveros

Carmen Louise Pando

Edna May Plessinger

Wesley Scott Quillen

George E. Radosevich

Perry Ragouzis

Jeri Alexandra Reisman

John Reuss

Jonathan David Rico

Bernard “Bernie” Elliot Rollin

Clifton David Dyer Schwind

George Seidel, Jr.

Willis Shaner

Fred Shook

Keri Denise Sizemore

John C. Snider

Mary H. Solomon

John D. Staples

Mary Stimps

Robert Tengerdy

Jaak Vilms

Judy Kathleen Sawyer-Voss

Drew Thomas Wilcocks

James Sawyer Zusi