RamGuards, RamBassadors enhance safety and education

Commuting to or around CSU, you might have noticed a new addition to various intersections and on-campus locations. The RamGuards and RamBassadors are two new programs, introduced this fall, designed to provide peer-to-peer education about traffic laws and promote a safe commuting environment for students, employees and visitors.

RamGuards keep campus intersections safe

Campus Safety Officers, who are students trained by CSU police, help move bicyclists, pedestrians, longboarders and motor vehicles safely across campus. These crossing guards direct traffic in selected, high traffic intersections to promote safety and reduce opportunities for conflict and accidents at intersections where bicycle and pedestrian traffic outnumbers vehicles.Colorado State University Ramguards

RamGuards are stationed at the intersections of Lake and Center, Pitkin and Meridian, and South and Meridian during peak hours of traffic flow across campus.

RamBassadors help navigate across campus

RamBassadors are trained students who provide in-person education at 45 campus locations to students, employees and visitors about navigating their way across campus. They focus on reminding students, faculty, staff and visitors about safety when commuting to or on campus, such as slowing down when approaching busy areas, and using the proper bike or pedestrian lane. They also share helpful tips to avoid violating CSU transportation laws and regulations.

RamBassadors were developed to help encourage safety and reduce the number of accidents or collisions among bikers, pedestrians and longboarders on campus.

In addition to providing in-person education on campus, RamBassadors also gather data about bike rack capacities and the number of bikes, pedestrians and longboarders traveling through their assigned location for the day. That information is shared with Parking and Transportation Services to help inform decisions about bike rack placement and safety on campus.

“The RamGuards and RamBassadors programs have started out strong and encourage the CSU community to have patience in the program’s start-up phase while they become a vital asset to commuter safety,” said Aaron Fodge, CSU’s alternative transportation manager.