MOVE-IN 2015: Put the YOU in CSU

Put the U in CSU during move-in week! What can you do to show your Ram Pride and help make move-in week smoother for employees, students and parents?

As the university gets ready to welcome back students and a new freshman class, we expect a first wave of more than 1,500 students moving into the residence halls  Wednesday, August 19, more than 3,500 on Thursday, August 20, and several hundred additional students Friday and over the weekend. This year’s move-in efforts will be even more challenging due to significant changes in parking and the repaving of College Avenue.

Move-in during Ram Welcome

As part of a campus wide effort, represent CSU by wearing your green and gold all week, and put the U in CSU by:

  • Give up your parking space for a parent who is on campus for the week, and reduce traffic congestion in town. Consider using your free CSU transit pass (your CSU ID) by taking MAX or Transfort to work and ride Around the Horn, the free on-campus shuttle, to your office or classroom. Or carpool, ride your bike or opt for other forms of alternative transportation.
  • Make a good first impression for CSU. Help someone who looks lost by saying hello and offering to give directions.
  • Commit a RAMdom act of kindness. Move in can be challenging for everyone. Help spread Ram Pride for the CSU community by buying coffee for the student, parent or employee in the coffee shop line behind you.
  • Remember, we are all in this together. The start of the new academic year is both an exciting and challenging time.

No matter what your job is, we all play a vital role in helping our students feel welcome and proud to be a part of CSU. We are all important to the university’s success. Your extra effort to be helpful puts the U in CSU.

Share how you made a difference at CSU move-in: #RamPride

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