Pitkin-Lake connector road re-routed Nov. 16

The one-way, southbound road connecting Pitkin and Lake Streets is being rerouted to provide stadium construction contractors with better access to the west side of the construction site. The current road will close the evening of Nov. 15, and a new temporary road will open the morning of Nov. 16. Vehicles can enter the rerouted road further west on Pitkin, as shown below. Pedestrians and bikes are to use the current arbor trail and avoid riding within traffic on the connector road.

lake-pitkin-connector-summit-hall-road-2016-11-14 Printable PDF map

Drivers are asked to use caution when traveling through parking lot #245, the Summit Hall lot; students living in Summit Hall will be adjusting to the road over the next several weeks.

The temporary connector road will be replaced by a permanent road the fall of 2017, when the stadium opens, providing a north-south route out of campus.