Pingree Park officially renamed CSU Mountain Campus

A new name will mark a new era of academic field studies, environmental education, research and preservation of the remarkable valley where CSU’s newly renamed Mountain Campus is located. Colorado State University is officially renaming CSU’s Pingree Park Mountain Campus to Colorado State University Mountain Campus.

Last year marked the 100 year anniversary of the Mountain Campus and gave the CSU community an opportunity to celebrate and honor a great heritage.

Location will not change

The location of the CSU Mountain Campus will not change. The valley itself will remain Pingree Park, a United States Geological Survey designation, and the road to the campus will continue to be named Pingree Park Road.

Strengthening ties with main campus

“It’s been forty years since Housing & Dining Services took over the management of the Pingree Park Mountain Campus,” said Director of CSU’s Mountain Campus Pat Rastall. “In that time countless CSU students, Poudre School District fifth and sixth graders, and conference guests have gazed at our ‘Mummy’, hiked our trails, sang at our campfires, and marveled at the stars from the Homestead Bridge. None of this changes with our new name. Rather, we strengthen ties with the main campus. We also attempt, in a very small way, to rectify a wrong that took place 150 years ago on the dusty plains of eastern Colorado.”

Along with bringing the Mountain Campus into alignment with the university’s other campuses, the decision for the name change at this time was seen as an opportunity to separate the Mountain Campus and its land-grant mission from George Pingree. While the university did not name the campus after Pingree – it is a USGS designation for the valley where the campus is located – the university acknowledges Pingree’s self-proclaimed role in the Sand Creek Massacre and felt it was appropriate to remove his name from the title of the Mountain Campus.

“This opportunity to change the Mountain Campus name and remove any association with George Pingree is a healing and an awakening for all who learn at and experience the mountain campus, particularly Native youth and Native CSU students,” said Ty Smith, director of the Native American Cultural Center at CSU.

Honoring years of important research and education

The name change will not deflect from the years of important academic field study, research and education that have made the Mountain Campus such a special place. Rather, it will honor that history and the memories made over the last century. The history and contributions of the Mountain Campus will continue to guide future generations who come to study, learn and enjoy the beautiful campus.

“CSU’s Mountain Campus has been at the core of Warner College’s field experiences for 100 years,” said Warner College of Natural Resources Dean John Hayes. “Our programs at the Mountain Campus offer our students unique opportunities for learning and research. Our alumni consistently say their time there is among their most memorable college experiences and was influential in shaping their career.”

Season opens May 18

In the spirit of conservation, maps, brochures, T-shirts and other items will be replaced with the new name over time, as supplies run out. Digital communications, such as website and social media accounts, will transition to CSU Mountain Campus at the start of the 2015 season on May 18.