Parking fee changes approved by Board of Governors

The Board of Governors has approved changes to the permit fee structure for parking on campus, increasing some permit rates for students and employees, while supporting lower cost options in several select lots on campus. The changes reflect a months-long collaborative process that involved employees and students in looking at parking options on campus.

Changes from last year include a low-cost permit option for the Moby Lot, a companion low-fee permit option with the continuation of the Research Blvd Lot. Other permit options increase to keep up with parking maintenance and garage construction.

Additional changes, which add options for commuters, are:

  • An expanded number of reserved spaces on campus, with up to 49 new spaces reserved for a specific permit holder, depending upon sales
  • A new days-of-the-week option, which provides a Monday-Wednesday-Friday permit or a Tuesday-Thursday permit at a lower cost than a full annual permit. This permit is designed to meet requests for permits that flex with student, faculty and staff schedules
  • Lower cost daily permits in the Moby lot and Research Blvd lot, and lower cost hourly parking in the Moby lot
  • A scaled plan for employees at the university for 30 years or more, based on salary

Government vehicles also will be required to purchase permits or pay for hourly parking, such as university, state, city, county and federal vehicles that park on campus, including visiting agencies. Service vehicles, such as plumbers, computer and equipment technicians and others, may park in service spaces only, and emergency vehicles are exempt while responding to an emergency.

  • Beginning July 1, all government vehicles must have permit or pay for time at a pay station
  • Vehicles used less than once a week may only be parked at the Research Blvd lot or on Foothills campus
  • Visitors to campus driving government vehicles must pay for parking (purchase a daily or annual permit or pay at a pay station)
  • State and services spaces will become spaces for service vehicles only. Service vehicles include CSU and private vehicles for plumbers, electricians, HVAC, technical support, etc., who service CSU buildings and equipment
  • Service vehicles must have a J permit (issued to service vehicles only) to park on campus, or pay at a pay station.
  • Emergency vehicles always exempted only when responding to an emergency. When on campus for other purposes, a permit or payment at a pay station is required.
  • All motorpool vehicles will already be affiliated with a university permit.

The subsidy for employees earning less than $35,000 will continue: this program provides permits at half of the annual rate for employees, with the discount automatically taken at the time of purchase. The discount does not apply to monthly, daily, hourly or days-of-the-week permits, or the Moby or Research Blvd permits.

With the new permit options, students and employees have up to 19 choices in permit types.

By state statute, parking must pay for itself at CSU. No tuition, fee or state money supports parking expenses, such as maintenance, operations, and garage construction. Permit and citation fees support all parking needs on campus.