Parking and Transportation Services launches safe driving courses

Transportation safety training courses are now available for all CSU authorized drivers.

This training is available free of charge. It includes four modules:

• Driving Safety Fundamentals (45 minutes) – This course helps drivers identify common risks and danger areas and learn specific strategies for avoiding accidents and handling emergency situations. Learners must demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter by passing an assessment.
• Defensive Driving Strategies: Get There Safely (15 minutes) – This course provides specific strategies for defensive driving, avoiding distractions and dealing with aggressive drivers.
• Passenger Van Safety (10 minutes) – Learn about the basics of safely driving a passenger van, including trip preparation, the differences between vans and other vehicles, transporting passengers and loading cargo.
• Golf Cart Safety (20 minutes) – Learn how to safely operate golf carts on campus and avoid the most common types of accidents.

Training provided by UE

The training has been made possible with the support and partnership of the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

“CSU recently became members of UE (United Educators),” explained Sally Alexander, director of the Office of Risk Management and Insurance. “UE has a collection of training resources that are available only to its members. Now the CSU community has access to these resources. Parking and Transportation Services are the first to collaborate with RMI.”

UE works with its members and brokers to meet insurance coverage needs, manage risk and efficiently resolve claims. Alexander hopes that other training materials available through CSU’s membership with UE will soon become available.

“We are so happy to have this resource available,” said Tiffany Glover, associate director of Transportation Services. “Now any authorized driver with just a few clicks has access to this training.”

Glover hopes that the transportation training will help drivers drive safely and reduce the risk of accidents.

“We want our CSU family to be safe, especially when they get behind the wheel of a car, small passenger van, or even a golf cart,” she said.

The transportation safety materials can be accessed online. Users will need a CSU eID to access them. Select “CSU Transportation Safety Courses” under “Links of Interest.” After clicking on “Transportation Safety Courses” on the next page, users will be directed to the UE self-registration page. Follow the links to sign up and take the transportation classes.