Panel discussion on ‘Re-envisioning the CSU Faculty’ set for April 27

CSU’s Center for the Study of Academic Labor is sponsoring a panel discussion titled “Re-envisioning the CSU Faculty” at 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 27, in the Morgan Library Event Hall.

All faculty – both tenure track and non-tenure track – are invited to attend this panel discussion about the issues surrounding contingent faculty rights and share their views about this important issue.

The discussion with national leaders of the academic labor movement will feature five guest speakers:

Maria Maisto, founder and executive director of the New Faculty Majority (NFM);

Joe Berry, faculty member in the Chicago Labor Education Program at the University of Illinois and the History Department at Roosevelt University, chair of COCAL (Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor) and author of Reclaiming the Ivory Tower;

John Curtis, research director of the American Sociological Association and former research chair of the American Association of University Professors;

Marisa Allison, founder and lead editor for the Women & Contingency Database and doctoral candidate in public and applied sociology at George Mason University; and

Jim Walsh, assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver’s political science department, founder of the Romero Theater Troupe.

“Re-Envisioning the CSU Faculty” is a proposal from the Faculty Council Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty that would change the appointments and career paths for non-tenure track faculty members. The forum will include a summary of the proposal, comments by activists in national campaigns for contingent faculty rights, and discussion with the audience.

The Center for the Study of Academic Labor is in CSU’s College of Liberal Arts.