Pain with computer mouse use? Try an ergonomic mouse

Discomfort of the hands, wrists, forearms/elbows can come from awkward postures while using a computer mouse. Correct posture is a crucial part of staying comfortable at work, especially when working for extended periods of time.

Hand on ergonomic mouseIdeally, while using a computer mouse, the hand, wrist, and forearm should be in a neutral or “handshake” posture. This posture is not common with a standard computer mouse, which forces the palm flat towards the floor. Consider an ergonomic vertical mouse designed to place the hand, wrist and forearm in the “handshake” posture.

Visit the “ergolab” to try numerous ergonomic vertical mice, ensure a proper fit and obtain a free loaner. Click this link for additional information and to request an “ergolab” visit.

Keep in mind that changes can take time, and trying an ergonomic mouse it may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first.

Also consider an ergonomic evaluation of any workstation. Visit this website to schedule an ergonomic evaluation.

In addition to ergonomic evaluations, it is highly recommended that computer users complete online training on Computer Workstation Setup.

Click this link to access the training and learn how to properly set up a computer workstation.

Contact ergonomics program staff at 970-491-2724 with questions.