Paid parking on Foothills campus to begin January 2021

The second phase of the parking plan for Colorado State University’s Foothills Campus has begun. After several listening sessions with Foothills Campus employees, Parking and Transportation Services and Lynn Johnson, the vice president for University Operations, have agreed to begin paid parking and enforcement on Jan. 1, 2021, instead of the planned Aug. 1, 2020, start date.

With CSU Board of Governor approval in June, the next steps include advancing technology, developing signage, implementing hourly parking infrastructure, and offering Spring 2021 permits for sale by the end of 2020. This phase will continue to support communication and partnership efforts with Foothills Campus staff and students and allows for resource flexibility, system installation, validation, and preparedness to support the next phase. Phase 3 will begin in January 2021, with the implementation of fully paid parking requirements, regulations and enforcement, an integrated transit plan, and efforts around alternative transportation. The purchase of parking permits will be available for employees in December 2020 for use beginning Jan. 1, 2021.

Foot Hills Campus

Foothills Campus map.

The timeline for implementation of paid parking on the Foothills Campus

Phase 1 (completed)

  • Fall 2018 – listening sessions to gather feedback, built communication structure and developed transportation management plan.
  • Summer 2019 – beginning of reconstruction process with $1.9 million spent at Infectious Disease Annex and Engineering Research Center parking areas.
  • Winter 2019 – evaluated new technologies (license plate recognition and mobile hourly software improvements).

Phase 2

  • Fall 2020 – continue to review and test technology resources, turn on hourly parking platform, and partner with departments regarding guest parking options.
  • Hourly parking launched with limited enforcement to evaluate mobile and online payment structures with Phase 3 planning to identify pay station needs.
  • Enforcement presence on Foothills Campus to further planning and incorporate alignment with technology.
  • Install parking signage on Foothills Campus.
  • Snow removal services, collaborating with Facilities Management and Foothills Campus departments(Equine Reproduction Laboratory).
  • Open permit sales December (permits effective Jan. 1, 2021).

Phase 3

  • Jan. 1, 2021 – Parking and Transportation Services implements full enforcement and requirements for paid parking.
  • Continue feasibility study of mobile, online and department paid parking structure to determine further investment needs for pay stations on Foothills Campus.
  • Begin reconstruction planning for parking lots.
  • Further transit routes, signage and alternative transportation options.