Outstanding apparel and merchandising grad discovers the key to success

Story by Kristin Breakell

Taylor Sloan
Taylor Sloan

The key to success is balance. Just ask Taylor Sloan, an outstanding apparel and merchandising student graduating in May. Over the last four years, Sloan has balanced working full time at a local retail store along with her studies and her involvement in the Colorado State University community.

CSU Fashion Show inspiration

Sloan was first introduced to CSU’s apparel and merchandising program at a young age. In an effort to help her pursue her interest in fashion, Sloan’s mom began taking her to the CSU Fashion Show featuring work by the Department of Design and Merchandising students. After attending the show for multiple years, Sloan saw just how much she could achieve in the program and decided that Colorado State was the school for her.

While at CSU, Sloan had the opportunity to help produce the same fashion show that inspired her to attend the university many years ago. She was also involved in the student chapter of Fashion Group International, a student grant assistantship, the development of the Ptero-Couture Fashion Show, and the student teaching assistant program.

‘Grateful’ to professors

In Fall 2016, Sloan accepted an internship at Zero + Maria Cornejo in New York City. This experience put Sloan’s time management skills to the test. “It was an extremely stressful time as I balanced both work and school with a move across the country,” she said. “Luckily, I was able to overcome this struggle with the continual support of faculty and peers, and I successfully completed my internship in March.”

Sloan attributes much of her success to her professors. “I am extremely grateful to all of the professors in the department as each one has given me advice and taught me how to be successful within the industry,” she said. “They have not only devoted their time to helping me be successful academically, but also helped me develop professionally in basic course selection and internship placement.”

First product development grad

Sloan will be one of the first apparel and merchandising students to graduate with a concentration in product development. The Department of Design and Merchandising unveiled this new concentration for the apparel and merchandising Bachelor of Science degree in Fall 2015. The concentration bridges the gap between apparel design and merchandising, preparing students like Sloan for a successful career in product development.

Sloan has recently accepted a position at L Brands in New York City and plans to continue her career as an associate product developer for Victoria’s Secret. “I know I will miss all of my professors and peers after graduation. The department and the university as a whole have given me such a great support system and truly helped me to grow as an individual.”

The Department of Design and Merchandising is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.